Congratulations to the 2018 winners



Fine Food Australia 2018 was home to the Australian arm of the World Pizza Championships, hosted by Pizza Revolution and Le 5 Stagioni. The other annual World Pizza Championship sibling events are held in Parma, Italy and Las Vegas, USA.

Over 4 intensive days with fully packed schedules, passionate Pizzaioli from all over Australia showcased their amazing talents and competed for for the title as the 2018 World Pizza Champion Australia.

It’s important to note that this annual competition of the year would not be possible without the support of Pizza Revolution ongoing sponsors and we cannot thank them enough for their support and generosity to be involved:

Major Sponsor/Naming Rights:
Le 5 Stagioni

Major Sponsors
La Casa Del Formaggio and Campoli Foods

Silver Sponsors
Moretti Forni
Valoriani Forni
GI Metal

Let’s not forget the hard work and dedication from our valued pizza judges who invest their own time to provide their feedback to decide on the deserving winners. This year our high calibre judges have been carefully selected based on their experience and knowledge and impact they provide to the industry.

Salvatore Santucci, Ammaccamm SRL
Anthony Palermo, Mozza Pizzeria
Johnny Di Francesco, 400 Gradi
Ivan Zecca, Salento Catering
Roberto Di Massa, AVPN
Claude Cicchiello, La Casa Del Formaggio
Sara Pantelo, La Porchetta
Gino Francese, Cafe Cavallino
Alex Ieraci, Campoli Foods
Tony Ieraci, Campoli Foods
Paul Connolly, Beston Global Food Company

Pizza professionals from the best pizzerias took part to compete in four different categories – Pizza Classica, Pizza Napoli, Pizza Dessert and Gluten Free Pizza. They were judged on preparation, OHS, taste, baking, talent and innovation.

The overall prize was awarded to Francesco Palumbo of Antico Rosso in Sydney who received the highest score in the Gluten Free category. Last year he was awarded a silver medal in STG so it’s safe to say he’s an all-rounder winner. Francesco will be flying to Italy to compete in the 2019 World Pizza Championships in Parma, courtesy of Le 5 Stagioni. 

The recipient of the silver medal for Gluten Free is no surprise as 48H Pizza & Gnocchi Bar is famous for all things gluten free. Michele Circhirillo has previously received awards under this category in the past and this year’s award makes him the best Gluten Free pizza maker in Melbourne.

It appears that Australia’s best dessert pizzas are from Sydney this year.

Verace Pizzeria is a serial award winner and common household name in the world of pizza, having previously received the Australian championship titles for a whopping 2 years in a row (2015 and 2016). This year Stefano Cirene wowed the judges and took home the Gold Medal for his Dessert Pizza.

The silver medalist for Dessert Pizza is Fabio De Lutiis of Campus Life, Macquarie University. How incredibly lucky are the 40,000 attendees (students and teachers) to be able to access award winning and wood-fired pizza? His 20 years of pizza making is evident in his pizza making skills.

400 Gradi is absolutely no stranger to receiving World Championship awards under the guidance of World Pizza Champion Johnny Di Francesco. It also appears that the STG category continues to be their forte for another year (last year 400 Gradi’s Mariano De Giacomi took home the gold medal) and this year Mirco Misto blew the judges away with his super high score.

Patrick Pea of Mozza Pizzeria proudly took home the silver medal so Melbourne east-siders can be greatly assured that they can be guaranteed outstanding authentic Napoletana pizza in the burbs. To celebrate this amazing win, Mozza Pizzeria gave away his award winning Marinara pizza on 14 September to all dine-in customers.

It’s no surprise that 400 Gradi is considered the best pizzeria in Australia as they just can’t get enough of Gold with Vincenzo Iovino taking home the goodies in the Classica category. That’s 2 gold medals for 400 Gradi this year!

Michele Circhirilo, a serial award winner proudly took home the silver medal for his creation, giving 48H excellent kudos for not only Gluten Free pizza but also Classica Pizza.

Gold medalists received 300kgs of flour, courtesy of our major sponsor Le 5 Stagioni. Silver medalists were also lucky to be awarded with some outstanding tools from our official equipment partner GI Metal.

A huge congratulations to all the winners of the 2018 World Pizza Championship in Australia:

2018 Winner of the World Pizza Championship Australia
by Le 5 Stagioni: Francesco Palumbo

Gluten Free
Gold: Francesco Palumbo, Antico Rosso
Silver: Michele Circhirillo, 48H

Gold: Vincenzo Iovino, 400 Gradi
Silver: Michele Circhirillo, 48H

Gold: Mirco Misto, 400 Gradi
Silver: Patrick Pea, Mozza Pizzeria

Gold: Stefano Cirene, Verace Pizzeria
Silver: Fabio De Lutiis, Campus Life


Gluten Free
1. Francesco Palumbo 96.67
2. Michele Circhirillo 92.22
3. Antonio Gerace 90.55
4. Antonio Del Basso
5. Emmanuele Malara

1. Vincenzo Iovino 93.33
2. Michele Circhirillo 90.83
3. Fabio De Lutiis 90.33
4. Stefano Spataro
5. Vincenzo Colonna
6. Fabio De Marco
7. Joe Codespoti
8. Giuseppe Morelli
9. Rida Ouadani
10. Michael Carrafa - STG N/C (Dough weight)

1. Mirco Misto 95
2. Patrick Pea 91.81
3. Andrea Orabona 91.55
4. Francesco Palumbo
5. Salvatore Green
6. Will Curry
7. Francesco Nevola
8. Stefano Cirene
9. Michele Circhirillo
10. Emanuele Malara

1. Stefano Cirene 89.52
2. Fabio De Lutiis 85.55
3. Fabrizio Tutta 78.89
4. Makedon Stojkov
5. David Villa Torres