Congratulations to the 2016 winners



Fine Food Australia 2016 was home to the Australian arm of the World Pizza Championships, hosted by Pizza Revolution and Le 5 Stagioni. 

From 12 to 15 September, passionate Pizzaioli from all around Australia showcased their amazing talents and competed for the title of the Winner of the World Pizza Championship in Australia. 2016 marked the year of the biggest Australian pizza competition with some international competitors also travelling the distance for a slice of the action, with highly talented Pizzaioli from Italy, South Korea, Reunion and New Zealand.

Pizza professionals and juniors (the competition is open to all chefs, cooks, apprentices, and home cooks who love making pizza) took part to compete in five different categories – Pizza Classica, Pizza Napoli, Pizza Dessert, Gluten Free Pizza and Pizza Acrobatica. Pizzaioli were judged on preparation, taste, baking, talent and innovation, while those taking part in the Acrobatica category will be judged on speed and talent.

In addition to being the biggest competition this year, the '1st place prize of the World Pizza Championship in Australia' was also awarded to not just one but TWO highly talented and very deserving winners: Mario Martellino (Gold Medal winner in Napoli STG) from Verace and Mezza Via in Sydney Australia and Thierry Gourreau (Gold Medal winner in Classica) from Ecole de Pizza in Reunion. It is also important to note that Mario was also the winner of the 2015 World Pizza Championship in Australia (Napoli STG category). Both of the Australian World Champions will also be flying to Italy to compete in the 2017 World Pizza Championships in Parma, courtesy of Le 5 Stagioni who are generously sponsoring the 2 major prizes.

A huge congratulations to all the winners of the 2016 World Pizza Championship in Australia:

Napoli STG:
Gold: Mario Martellino - Verace & Mezza Via, Sydney Australia
Silver: Andrea Rizzollo - Verace & Mezza Via, Sydney Australia

Gold: Thierry Gourreau - Ecole de Pizza, Reunion
Silver: Sergio Maglione - Farina Restaurant, Auckland

Gluten Free:
Gold: Giuseppe Milillo - Verace & Mezza Via, Sydney Australia
Silver: Michele Circhirillo - 48h, Melbourne Australia

Gold: Sergio Maglione - Farina Restaurant, Auckland
Silver: Kusumadi Tjandra - Farina Restaurant, Auckland

Gold: Marco de Marco - Piccola Baia, Sydney Australia
Silver: Danilo Refini - Pinnochio, Melbourne Australia