Congratulations to the 2019 winners




By Dario D’Agostino
Pizza Revolution Director & Founder

The 2019 World Pizza Championship Australia by Le 5 Stagioni hosted by Pizza Revolution is the little sister competition of the annual World Pizza Championship in Parma, Italy (along with the other sibling competition held in Las Vegas, USA).

This year, the competition was held at the Fine Food Australia expo in Sydney over four intensive days. Passionate Pizzaioli travelled from all over Australia to showcase their skills and competed for the title as the 2019 World Pizza Champion in Australia.

Pizza Revolution Head Judge Enrico Sgarbossa says “We saw many good pizzas this year and I am very impressed with what I have seen. Year on year, we are getting better and I am confident that next year’s competition will be even tougher with the emergence of even more highly skilled pizza chefs.”

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Let’s not forget the hard work and dedication from our valued pizza judges who invest their own time away from their own businesses to critique and assist us in deciding on who the deserving winners are. This year our high calibre judges have been carefully selected based on their experience and knowledge and impact they provide to the industry.

Enrico Sgarbossa, Al Taglio - Head Judge
Alessandro Lunardi, Le 5 Stagioni
Ivan Zecca, Salento Catering
Lucio de Falco, Lucio Pizzeria
Michele Circhirillo, 48H Group
Joe Cassisi, Euroquip
Paolo Gatto, Sud
Stefano Brombal, La Piazza Restaurant

Pizza professionals from the best pizzerias travelled from all over Australia to compete in four different categories – Pizza Classica, Pizza Napoli STG, Pizza Dessert and Pizza Gluten Free. They were judged on preparation, OHS, taste, baking, talent and innovation.

Pizza Revolution Manager Youssef Ben Touati quotes “This year our competitors were more prepared and did not focus on only the toppings of the pizza but also focused on the dough which is extremely important. We’re really pleased to see this and I have always mentioned - the World Pizza Championship is not a cooking competition, it is a pizza competition. This year we witnessed a lot more pre-fermented dough using autolysis, poolish and biga techniques. It was also interesting to note that more competitors also opted for the new Neapolis Moretti Forni electric oven rather than a gas oven for the Napoli STG category.

And the winners are…

The overall prize was awarded to Mark Paterno of Arte Bianca in Sydney who received the highest overall score and Gold Medal in the Napoli STG category. He also took home the Silver Medal in the Classica category so it’s obvious that with over 40 years of experience in the industry, Mark is a clear winner. Mark will be travelling to Italy to compete in the 2020 World Pizza Championships in Parma, courtesy of Le 5 Stagioni. 

The recipient of the Silver Medal in the Napoli STG category is Antimo Verde from 400 Gradi - a name which is highly familiar on the international stage and is currently regarded as the Oceania region’s best pizzeria. The Gradi Group is no stranger to taking home awards in this category over the past few years so there are no surprises here - these boys surely know their way around a Napoli STG pizza.

Paolo Meccariello, also of Arte Bianca took home the Silver medal within the Classica category, making owner Mark Paterno (overall winner) very proud. It is confident to say Arte Bianca’s Sicilian style pizzas are a true winner.

Serial award winners Verace Pizzeria proudly took home the award of the best Gluten Free pizza by Rida Oudhani. They’ve previously taken home awards for best STG, dessert pizza (last year by owner Stefano Cirene) and now to top it all off - Gluten Free pizza. There is nothing this pizzeria cannot do.

Emanuele Malara of Gemelli Italian flew in from Queensland and also wowed the judges with his Gluten Free pizza, taking the Silver medal. Often taking home awards for ‘Best pizzas in Gold Coast’, it’s easy to see why.

Dessert pizzas are becoming a huge trend in Australia and the judges were blown away with Claudio Russomann’s creation and gave him the Gold medal. Marco Moresco, a highly experienced technician in both the oven and flour industries within the world of pizza proudly took home the Silver medal.

A huge congratulations to all the winners of the 2019 World Pizza Championship Australia:

2019 Winner of the World Pizza Championship Australia
by Le 5 Stagioni: Mark Paterno

Napoli STG
Gold: Mark Paterno, Arte Bianca
Silver: Antimo Verde, 400 Gradi
Bronze: Marco Marino, Crazy Nonna

Gold: Paolo Meccariello, Arte Bianca
Silver: Mark Paterno, Arte Bianca
Bronze: Ares Qubaja

Gluten Free
Gold: Rida Oudhani, Verace Pizzeria
Silver: Emanuele Malara, Gemelli Italian
Bronze: Vishal Chopra, Farina Pizzeria

Gold: Claudio Russomanno, Il Bene
Silver: Marco Moresco, Moresco Pizza Italian Concept
Bronze: Raymond Ohanesian, Verace Pizzeria


1. Mark Paterno 93.75 OVERALL WINNER
2. Antimo Verde 93.33
3. Marco Marino 90.5
4. Mattio Valerio 86.67
5. Luca Marino 80.58
6. Stefano Cirene 78.33
7. Rida Oudhani 78.08
8. Sergio Pavone 77.5
9. Rafaele de la Cerva 76.08
10. Philip Choi 71.67

1. Paolo Meccariello 90
2. Mark Paterno 87.22
3. Ares Qubaja 83.78
4. David Battistin 82.78
5. Lorenzo Barbieri 79.44
6. Giuseppe Guida 78.33
7. Marco Moresco 77.78
8. Rabiya Ghatala and Philip Choi 74.44
9. Maurizio Franco and Stefano Cirene 72.78
10. Gabriele Mascagna and Claudio Russomann 72.22

Gluten Free
1. Rida Oudhani 73.33
2. Emmanuele Malara 72.5
3. Vishal Chopra 62.5
4. Philip Choi 61.67
5. Stefano Cirene 60.83

1. Claudio Russomann 92.22
2. Marco Moresco 76.67
3. Raymond Ohanesian 75.33
4. Stefano Cirene 70.56
5. Philip Choi 67.44

Thanks again to all who were involved in the 2019 World Pizza Championship Australia. Stay tuned for a bigger event in 2020 with many new exciting updates.