Pizza Making Demonstrations with Enrico Sgarbossa for Moretti Forni by Euroquip

One of the favourite things about our job is collaborating with the best pizza chefs, especially those who are generous with sharing their expertise, knowledge and tips with the rest of the industry.

This year we’re proud to be working with Enrico Sgarbossa who will be running daily pizza demonstrations using the trusty Moretti Forni Neapolis oven provided by our Euroquip family. Click here to view the daily pizza demonstration times.

Enrico Sgarbossa was born in Bassano del Grappa (VI) and has more than 13 years of extensive experience in the pizza industry. From humble beginnings as an assistant pizza maker, he worked his way up with the support of his mentor Valerio and today has become a professional pizza maker and highly valued member of the pizza community in Australia. Today Enrico is also a pizza teacher and is often dedicating his time to providing numerous classes to new pizza makers as well as upskilling existing pizza makers.

Since 2014, Enrico had worked for an Italian flour mill as a technician where he gained access to meet and learn from the best pizza chefs, pastry chefs and bakers among the hospitality business.

In the year 2016 Enrico launched “Al taglio, the art of pizza”, the first gourmet pizzeria in Australia/Asia which focuses on the new combination between the baking art and food, with am aim to provide a light and innovative way to healthy pizza.

Enrico is also the official Moretti Forni Ambassador in Australia and we are also proud to have him as one of our Ambassadors at Pizza Revolution.

Enrico Sgarbossa

Neapolis by Moretti Forni

Last year, we were absolutely thrilled to be introduced to the Neapolis Electric Deck Oven for Neapolitan Pizza by Moretti Forni.

This masterpiece is the only oven which is able to keep the heat exactly at the pre-set temperature. This is a fundamental element especially during the busiest times in apizzeria when the service needs to provide customers with precision and obviously a perfectly cooked pizza.

Neapolis has been designed to reproduce exactly the taste of authentic Neapolitan Pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven; the modern and slender design integrate perfectly with the frenetic style of modern catering, the vintage touch brings us back to the pleasures of tradition.

The most famous Italian and international pizza makers immediately embraced the new technology of Neapolis that revolutionizes the way of making Neapolitan pizza.

If you are using an electric oven in the competition this year and would like some more information, please contact our friends at Euroquip who look forward to hearing from you.


The ROTATING 120 By Valoriani

Thanks to our partners at Euroquip, participants in the 2019 World Pizza Competition in Australia will have the opportunity to choose to produce their award-winning pizzas in the ‘Rotating 120 by Valoriani’.

Available as a wood/gas combination, the main advantage of the Valoriani rotating pizza ovens compared to other competitors brands are:

* Baking floor made of refractory Cotto tile and not of concrete
Spitfire Gas Burner tailor-made to satisfy the baking requirements of the oven

R.H.S.®  System (Recycling Heating System) that allows the heat recovery and use, by making it circulate at very high temperatures under the baking floor
* Use of the best insulation materials available on the market

All of these features allow remarkable consumption saving and an easy achievement of temperatures suitable also for Neapolitan Pizza. Moreover, the easy and reliable control panel allows the user to easily control all the oven functions such as the baking temperature, the floor rotation speed, the baking time and the temperature of the RHS System.

Contact our friends at Euroquip for any questions at all.

Introducing Paolo Spadaro, 2019 World Pizza Competition Australia Head Judge

Everything started in a small bakery in 1988, where Paolo worked as a baker for more than 10 years.

Paolo’s passion had no limits and his approach in pizzeria was instantly natural thanks to his desire to increase his knowledge in pizza making. Paolo then began to take courses and study, a path that led him to become an instructor for one of the most famous schools for pizza makers in Italy.

Since 2012, Paolo has worked with the Agugiaro & Figna mill as a technical consultant in the United States, Canada and Central-South America, and since December 2014, the rest of the world. To date, Paolo is Agugiaro & Figna’s technical manager for the foreign market.

The enthusiasm and joy that Paolo embraces is within the eyes of the people that he has helped in moving their first steps into the world of pizza. This is ultimately the source of energy that drives him to improve himself and to never stop growing.

Le 5 Stagioni Mora: Whole-wheat flour from extra virgin grinding

Find out why Le 5 Stagioni Mora whole wheat flour is becoming more popular amongst the best pizzeria's in Australia. 

What is Mora? 
A wholemeal soft wheat flour, made using a delicate, whole grain milling process. This keeps the outer, richer parts of the grain intact (middlings, groats, bran and wheat germ), producing a fine-grain flour with a sweet flavour, maintaining the wheat’s original authenticity.

Mora, in its pure form, is suitable for making all types of leavened, oven-baked products (pizza, bread leavened pastries) and enhances the flavour of croissants, brioche dough, puff pastry, cakes, loaves of bread, tray-baked focaccia, panettone cake and fresh pasta. 

How does it work?
It supports expansion during rising, favouring a light, fluffy consistency, and brings sweet hints of wheat to the final flavour of the product. It stands out from traditional wholemeal flours thanks to its lightness and smooth aftertaste. 


Official Equipment Partner - Euroquip

Hit up our official Equipment Partner Euroquip for all things ovens, training and masterclass related.

EUROQUIP are importers and distributors of high quality, Italian-made catering equipment for the foodservice industry and currently service a growing list of the best pizza shops around Australia.

With over 15 years under their belt, the team have a broad understanding and ability to identify customers’ needs and are able to deliver high performance, innovation and functionality.

With a grand sized laboratory in Sydney, customers are welcome to learn more about and test drive some of the best ovens in the market, 


Official Cheese Partner - La Casa Del Formaggio

We're absolutely thrilled to introduce to you our 2018 World Pizza Champion Australia official cheese partner La Casa Del Formaggio. 

La Casa Del Formaggio is a South Australian family owned and operated  business that crafts and sells a range of premium Italian style fresh cheeses. The Cheese factory in Glynde, South Australia boasts a purpose-built, first-class facility that services the retail, food service and industrial markets. La Casa Del Formaggio adheres to a strictly documented Quality Assurance system, subject to third party audits on a regular basis. La Casa Del Formaggio’s success can be attributed to the work ethic instilled in its founders, the commitment to superior quality products and the prioritization of customer service.

La Casa Del Formaggio uses fresh South Australian cows’ milk in the Adelaide-produced core retail range of fresh Italian cheese. All of its products are preservative, gluten and GM free. La Casa Del Formaggio still prides itself on providing handmade products, using many traditional cheesemaking techniques passed down through the generations.

Introducing Salvatore Santucci, Head Judge for the 2018 World Pizza Championship Australia

Salvatore Santucci was born to be a pizzaiolo. Since an early age of 9 years old, he was fascinated by the movement made by a pizzaiolo while stretching the pizza. In the pizzaiolo world, this is referred to as 'ammaccare'.

After school, he would spend a lot of time at the shop where he learned to become a professional pizza maker. He opened his first shop at a very young age of 18 and soon opened another two shops.

Together with business partner, a lawyer with a passion for Pizza, Mr. Nicola Tagliatela created the format known as 'Ammaccamm a Pozzuoli'. His passion and goal is to create quality pizza and he created the project “BSB”: The good, the health and beauty of pizza IL BUONO, IL SANO E IL BELLO DELLA PIZZA.

The flavour, nutritional value and the look of a pizza is highly important to Salvatore. Also a trained chef, Salvatore enjoys matching flavours for his pizza and creates 12 different doughs everyday. 

Salvatore has also launched a lab called “Officina degli Impasti,  a professional development academy.

Neapolis Electric Deck Ovens by Moretti Forni

Thank you to our wonderful friends at Euroquip for providing us with the latest pizza technology and this year, we're absolutely thrilled to have Moretti Forni's Neapolis Electric Oven at the show. This badboy is the first electric deck oven for Neapolitan Pizza and reaches a maximum temperature of 510°C. Competitors who wish to learn more about this beast are more than welcome to contact Euroquip directly: 

Neapolis® is able to keep the heat exactly at the pre-set temperature. This is a fundamental element especially during the busiest moments of a pizzeria when the service needs to provide customers with precision and obviously a perfectly cooked pizza.

Neapolis has been designed to reproduce exactly the taste of authentic Neapolitan Pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven; the modern and slender design integrate perfectly with the frenetic style of modern catering, the vintage touch brings us back to the pleasures of tradition.

The most famous Italian and international pizza makers immediately embraced the new technology of Neapolis that revolutionizes the way of making Neapolitan pizza.


Moretti Forni Lab


The Moretti Forni Lab takes you into the world of perfect cooking, through courses, classes and workshops that deal with every type of product that can be baked in a professional oven.


The base of the Moretti Forni Lab baking courses is pizza, which is studied in all its aspects, then it’s the time for bread and pastry baking. In addition to the preparation and handling techniques of the dough there is a last and fundamental step: a cooking technique that is able to enhance the characteristics of the product created by the professional baker.

Euroquip will be hosting a range of courses in their Sydney showroom. Find out more today!

Executive Chef Cosimo Taddei for Conserve Bonetto at Fine Food 2016

Executive Chef Cosimo Taddei owns and operates the highly exclusive and applauded Dine Art Cosimo’s Private Kitchen located in in Hong Kong. With the passion and love for cooking, ChefCosimo started his culinary journey at a very young age in Florence, Italy. As his cooking   knowledge and skills flourished, he was given the opportunity to travel and work globally including New Zealand, Australia and China just to name a few. Hong Kong is now Cosimo's second home where he has also managed and developed Domani in Hong Kong to its finest class. Also on his current culinary portfolio includes a few other developers to establish market niches in China, Vietnam and Singapore.

Birra Moretti + Pizza: A match made in heaven

With a growing number of pizzeria's delivering premium quality offerings nationwide, Australian's are now luckier than ever to enjoy an abundance of options when it comes to finding a super tasty pizza. It is not difficult to find a pizzeria with a delicious menu made with fresh ingredients and a handsome + charming Italian Chef. The only missing piece to this puzzle is beer and there is no better option than a refreshing glass (or two, or three) of Birra Moretti. 

Birra Moretti is the ideal match for a wide range of Italian foods – its unique aroma and perfectly poised bitterness is a balanced foil for a host of Mediterranean-inspired dishes: pizzas, risottos, and main courses of white meat and delicately flavoured cheeses.

For more information, contact Lion Pty Limited:

Lion Pty Limited
Level 7, 68 York Street
Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Tel: +61 2 9320 2200

Forni Valoriani: Top of the range wood fired pizza oven

With more than 100 years of experience, the Valoriani family is one of the world leaders as manufacturers of prefabricated wood fired ovens for both professional and residential use.

To this day, Valoriani remains 'the original' and one of the best wood fired ovens worldwide, chosen and used by some of the most popular restaurants and catering companies. Following over 50 fruitful years in the market and in it’s 5th generation with over 300,000 ovens delivered, Valoriani ovens are still proudly built in Refrattari Reggello, high in the hills of Tuscany.

One of Valoriani's strong points is that they are not just oven assemblers and have proven to be the only manufacturer to internally produce the oven’s refractories.  The baking floors in the refractory cotto are produced by selecting the best raw materials and studying the best mix materials, then cooked in the kiln at more than 1300 °C. This allows Valoriani to develop a product that has been specifically studied to be used in professional pizza ovens and cannot be found in competitor products.

Moreover, Valoriani professional ovens have Certifications for Europe, UK, USA and Australia, following extremely strict examinations for both the security and sanity which is a further confirmation of the product reliability.


Test and sample several products from the Valoriani range which are currently showcased at Euroquip, Valoriani's proud Australian partner based in Sydney.

Valoriani gas fired ovens have the AGA certification, which is fundamental to respect Australian laws and Euroquip can offer round-the-clock assistance both from a technical and commercial point of view.
For more information, contact Joe Cassisi at Euroquip:

Unit 1/ 26 Gow Street
Padstow NSW 2211
Tel: 02 9707 2977

Bonetto: The best toppings for your Pizza

Conserve Bonetto was founded in 1983 thanks to the passion and experience from its owners and collaborators. The philosophy followed by the company is to constantly strive for quality and product innovation, an important combination that characterizes the history and the future of Conserve Bonetto.

Conserve Bonetto specialises in high quality pizza toppings: button/sliced mushrooms, artichokes, olives, capers and appetizers as well as other products in demand including oil and vinegar.

For more information, contact Conserve Bonetto's exclusive distributor in Australia, Campoli Foods.

John Klancic
Group Sales Manager
N Ieraci & Sons Pty Ltd
Australian Dairy Partners
T: 03 9496 8383
M: 0448 126 848

Moretti Forni S120E: Electric pizza and bakery deck oven

Thanks to the innovative Eco Smartbaking technology, Moretti Forni has successfully reduced the energy consumption of its ovens by 30% - an energy saving that has never been seen before on a traditional static oven.

Cutting edge materials and systems provides easy control with a user-friendly graphic display. In addition to this, the Moretti Forni process unites 70 years of experience with the most modern technologies, such as the ability to separately manage the top and bottom power with the automatic regulation of energy required, dependent on the quantity of products to be baked.

The Booster functionality is perfect for peak times and the eco-Stand by for breaks - SerieS is the perfect oven for any kind of baking requirements.

As an added bonus, SerieS has an unmistakable style: revolutionary design, stainless steel and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and excellent internal visibility with double lightning.

For more information, contact Joe Cassisi at Euroquip:

Unit 1/ 26 Gow Street
Padstow NSW 2211
Tel: 02 9707 2977

LadyBù: La mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP

LadyBù ‘Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP' is made exclusively with 100% whole milk of Lady Bu's own livestock of Mediterranean cow-buffaloes which represent the most important aspect of the company. The health and welfare of the buffaloes are perfectly guaranteed with forage, hay and organic fodder constituting the staples of their diet.

Its products are natural, continuously checked using the latest innovative technologies whilst respecting the cultures and traditions of the company. As a result, LadyBù offers an exquisite tasting and addictive mozzarella product.

Regular controls, carried from livestock farming to production and from packing to marketing, allows Lady Bu to guarantee fresh and matured products that is in line with the most demanding food habits. The entire factory is also powered by solar energy produced by the company itself.

For more information, contact LadyBù's exclusive distributor in Australia, Campoli Foods.

John Klancic
Group Sales Manager
N Ieraci & Sons Pty Ltd
Australian Dairy Partners
T: 03 9496 8383
M: 0448 126 848

Tips for the world’s best pizza: 400 Gradi’s Johnny di Francesco shows you how

HE’S been making pizzas since he was 12 years old and puts the number he’s seen come out of ovens “in the millions”.

Johnny di Francesco certainly knows what makes a good pizza. So much so he was named the world’s best pizza maker in the 2014 World Championships in Italy for his authentic Napoletana-style pizza he serves up in his popular 400 Gradi pizzerias in Melbourne’s Brunswick and Southbank.

“It’s the best product in the world. Very few people don’t like pizza,” Johnny says. And it’s hard to disagree.

As president of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana in Australia and New Zealand, an association dedicated to promoting and protecting the true Neapolitan pizza around the world, Johnny judges and accredits pizzerias that meet the strict criteria for authenticity.

But while a wood-fired stone oven burning at 400 degrees is the only true way to cook a Neapolitan style pizza, with a little know-how — and a good deal of patience — cooking great pizza can be done at home, too.

“I tell people when making pizza at home, it’s really simple,” Johnny says. “Make your dough one day, for pizza the next day. Then you’re not stressing out. You have the dough and all the mess out of the way. When your guests arrive for dinner, you just need to top the pizza, and cook.”

Sounds easy in theory, but what about in practice? How do you make good pizza at home that would impress even this master pizzaiolo?

“You just have to understand how to break up the work,” he insists.


GI. Metal - Italian designed, luxurious, high quality pizza tools

Beginning as a humble family business since 1986, GI. Metal has grown and succeeded to become an internationally renowned company offering premium accessories for professional use by pizza makers.

GI. Metal products are unexpectedly light and hard wearing due to the materials and production methods used. These production methods are constantly analysed and updated to obtain maximum functionality, ease of use, solidity and safety.

See GI. Metal Pizza Tools in action at the Las Vegas Pizza Expo

Key drivers for pizza profitability: report

A new report by IBISWorld examines the strength and profitability of Australia’s pizza industry, arguing that independent operators are well positioned to capitalise on the growing interest in gourmet offerings.

The Pizza Restaurants and Takeaway in Australia report found that industry revenue sits at $3.7 billion, with profits of $269.7 million. There are 4,004 businesses in the sector, and over the five years to 2016-17, revenue is expected to grow by a compound annual 2.8 percent.

Rise of gourmet
Despite the higher price-point associated with gourmet offerings, over the past five years customers have been displaying growing interest in pizzas that boast premium toppings.

“Industry pizza restaurants have embraced these trends and provided a growing range of gourmet pizzas at premium prices,” the report reads. “As a result, industry profit margins have risen over the period to represent an estimated 7.3 percent of industry revenue in 2016-17.”

Pizza shops offering ‘traditional’ toppings like pepperoni and supreme used to account for more than 90 percent of the industry, however restaurants have worked to upgrade their image over the past five years, introducing gourmet, authentic Italian pizzas, in spite of challenging economic times.

“While traditional pizza remains the industry’s largest product segment, it has declined as a share of industry revenue over the past five years,” the report reads.


Introducing Award Winning Caffe Morettino

Important Public Announcement, as this update includes COFFEE!!!

*Let's give a BIG round of applause*

A huge thanks to our amazing sponsor and award-winning company Caffè Morettino who will be providing visitors to our stand with the highly anticipated "Morettino Coffee Experience" (and keeping our Pizzaiolo's happy fully alert for the competition).

Since 1950, Morettino's dedication and enthusiasm to coffee has resulted in a premium product that has been produced through its own artisanal manufacturing process and has also embraced the importance of ethics and environmental sustainability.

For more information, contact Caffe Morettino's exclusive distributor in Australia, Campoli Foods.

John Klancic
Group Sales Manager
N Ieraci & Sons Pty Ltd
Australian Dairy Partners
T: 03 9496 8383
M: 0448 126 848