Forni Valoriani: Top of the range wood fired pizza oven

With more than 100 years of experience, the Valoriani family is one of the world leaders as manufacturers of prefabricated wood fired ovens for both professional and residential use.

To this day, Valoriani remains 'the original' and one of the best wood fired ovens worldwide, chosen and used by some of the most popular restaurants and catering companies. Following over 50 fruitful years in the market and in it’s 5th generation with over 300,000 ovens delivered, Valoriani ovens are still proudly built in Refrattari Reggello, high in the hills of Tuscany.

One of Valoriani's strong points is that they are not just oven assemblers and have proven to be the only manufacturer to internally produce the oven’s refractories.  The baking floors in the refractory cotto are produced by selecting the best raw materials and studying the best mix materials, then cooked in the kiln at more than 1300 °C. This allows Valoriani to develop a product that has been specifically studied to be used in professional pizza ovens and cannot be found in competitor products.

Moreover, Valoriani professional ovens have Certifications for Europe, UK, USA and Australia, following extremely strict examinations for both the security and sanity which is a further confirmation of the product reliability.


Test and sample several products from the Valoriani range which are currently showcased at Euroquip, Valoriani's proud Australian partner based in Sydney.

Valoriani gas fired ovens have the AGA certification, which is fundamental to respect Australian laws and Euroquip can offer round-the-clock assistance both from a technical and commercial point of view.
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