Le 5 Stagioni Mora: Whole-wheat flour from extra virgin grinding

Find out why Le 5 Stagioni Mora whole wheat flour is becoming more popular amongst the best pizzeria's in Australia. 

What is Mora? 
A wholemeal soft wheat flour, made using a delicate, whole grain milling process. This keeps the outer, richer parts of the grain intact (middlings, groats, bran and wheat germ), producing a fine-grain flour with a sweet flavour, maintaining the wheat’s original authenticity.

Mora, in its pure form, is suitable for making all types of leavened, oven-baked products (pizza, bread leavened pastries) and enhances the flavour of croissants, brioche dough, puff pastry, cakes, loaves of bread, tray-baked focaccia, panettone cake and fresh pasta. 

How does it work?
It supports expansion during rising, favouring a light, fluffy consistency, and brings sweet hints of wheat to the final flavour of the product. It stands out from traditional wholemeal flours thanks to its lightness and smooth aftertaste.