Introducing Paolo Spadaro, 2019 World Pizza Competition Australia Head Judge

Everything started in a small bakery in 1988, where Paolo worked as a baker for more than 10 years.

Paolo’s passion had no limits and his approach in pizzeria was instantly natural thanks to his desire to increase his knowledge in pizza making. Paolo then began to take courses and study, a path that led him to become an instructor for one of the most famous schools for pizza makers in Italy.

Since 2012, Paolo has worked with the Agugiaro & Figna mill as a technical consultant in the United States, Canada and Central-South America, and since December 2014, the rest of the world. To date, Paolo is Agugiaro & Figna’s technical manager for the foreign market.

The enthusiasm and joy that Paolo embraces is within the eyes of the people that he has helped in moving their first steps into the world of pizza. This is ultimately the source of energy that drives him to improve himself and to never stop growing.