The ROTATING 120 By Valoriani

Thanks to our partners at Euroquip, participants in the 2019 World Pizza Competition in Australia will have the opportunity to choose to produce their award-winning pizzas in the ‘Rotating 120 by Valoriani’.

Available as a wood/gas combination, the main advantage of the Valoriani rotating pizza ovens compared to other competitors brands are:

* Baking floor made of refractory Cotto tile and not of concrete
Spitfire Gas Burner tailor-made to satisfy the baking requirements of the oven

R.H.S.®  System (Recycling Heating System) that allows the heat recovery and use, by making it circulate at very high temperatures under the baking floor
* Use of the best insulation materials available on the market

All of these features allow remarkable consumption saving and an easy achievement of temperatures suitable also for Neapolitan Pizza. Moreover, the easy and reliable control panel allows the user to easily control all the oven functions such as the baking temperature, the floor rotation speed, the baking time and the temperature of the RHS System.

Contact our friends at Euroquip for any questions at all.